QUANSHENG UV-R50 UHF/VHF dual band two way radio

QUANSHENG UV-R50 UHF/VHF dual band two way radio
A complete channel need include the following parameters: receiving and transmitting frequency, CTCSS,T-CTCSS, transmitting power, channel bandwidth, PTT-ID,BCL, codes, scan, channel name. The others parameters can be setted in frequency mode except the scan, channel name. they setted by program software, then storage in specified channel number by menu 27.
Squelch Level(SQL)
This function can turn on or off the monitor according to signal strength.
Output Power(TXP)
This function can choose High/Low output power.
Battery Saving(SAVE)
This function is mainly to save the capacity of battery when the radio is standby.
Feature : 
01.high capacity Li-ion battery and smart charger
02.Receive/transmit code setting separately
03.UHF/VHF dual band receive/transmit
04.FM radio(65-108MHz)
05.Large LCD display
06.PC programmable
07.Fast MENU operation
08.Emergency alarm function
09.H/L output power selective
10.Squelch level adjustable
11.Multi power saving function
12.Voice prompt( Chinese and English)
13.Reminding switch
14.Dual display of frequency and channel
15.Channel name edit
16.Channel Storing
17.Frequency/channel mode shift
18.Multi LCD backlight auto off selective
19.Time of backlight auto off selective
20.VOX function
21.Dual-watch operation
22.Offset frequency and offset direction setting
23.Multi display mode: channel/frequency/channel name
24.CTCSS/DCS code search automatically
25.Multi step frequency
26.Busy channel lock
28.Offset frequency and offset direction setting
29.Multi display mode: channel/frequency/channel name
30.CTCSS/DCS code search automatically
31.Multi step frequency 
32.Busy channel lock
34.Multi scan function selective
35.Channel scan addtive
36.Wide/narrow/bandwidth selective
37.Main/sub channel shift
38.1750 call tone
39.Reminding of repeater transfer
41.128 channels
42.Channel delete function
44.DTMF function
47.Reverse function
Specifications : 
General Specifications
Frequency RangeDual Band:136-174MHz /400-480MHz(RX/TX)
Channel Spacing25 /12.5KHz
Operating Voltage7.2V
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Operating Temperature-25℃~+65℃
Frequency Stability±2.5ppm
Receiving part
Output Power5W
Maximum Deviation≤5.0KHz(宽带)
Stray Power≤7.5μW
Modulation Distortion≤5%
Transmitting section
Adjacent Channel Selectivity70/50dB
Spurious Response Rejection70dB
Rated Audio Power Output≤0.5W
Rated Audio Distortion≤5%
Packing details
BatteryStandard: 2000mAh( Li-ion)
Dimensions(H*W*D)(without antenna)117mmX57mmX34mm
Weight(with antenna and battery)220.5g
Package40/60/80 pcs per carton
Package Contains:
1 x UV-R50 UHF/VHF dual band two way radio
1 x Antenna
1 x Li-ion battery
1 x Charger
1 x Belt clip
1 x Rope


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